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Hire a reliable tree service near you based in Salem Oregon & Portland Oregon.  We also proudly service all of the Willamette Valley

Do you have a tree growing dangerously close to your home or place of business in the Salem, Portland, Beaverton, Hillsburo, OR area or anywhere near me? Is your lawn littered with stumps? Does your backyard look like a jungle because of overgrown trees? It’s probably time to contact a tree service. You can count on the professional Salem Oregon Tree Service at Mountain View Tree Service  to find a safe and hassle-free solution to your tree problem.

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When you think, what is a trustworthy Salem Oregon tree service near me, Mountain View tree service is ready to serve you.   When there’s a walnut, White Oak, Poplar, birch or diseased tree that’s bothering you at your property, we have certified and expert arborists that visit every job site to make sure that your work is done right.   We’re part of a community of tree services in Salem Oregon like Elwoods, Papendieck’s, R&R  Tree Service, JJtreeremoval and many other excellent tree care companies.  If you’re located in Portland, or even somewhere like Oregon City, or Mcminville, we have local arborists that are ready to get even the biggest problem trees with diseases and infections and rot  cut down and removed.  We know that when a branch or trunk breaks and puts a tree on your house that it’s necessary to bring out our best and biggest chainsaws, cranes and excavators to get the job done right.  Corvallis is another area we serve, and we have worked for commercial and government organizations doing logging and other large tree removals.