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"...I would use them again in a heartbeat and recommend them to anyone..." - Gary Taylor

Administrator, Turner Retirement Homes

300+ 5 Star Reviews

I’ve been around more than a few tree guys and do most of my own pruning on smaller trees and fruit trees. I am also a picky pill when it comes to other people pruning my trees. I highly recommend Mt View. They get swamped and maybe not get to your trees when you want but you couldn’t ask for a better job. So be patient!! Hired someone else in Corvallis for some work on a rental….I’m furious I didn’t go with Mt View. Horrible job. I should have known!! 3 cheers for the Mt View team!! They have done many jobs for me. From trimming my orchard and felled firs..some 4ft in diameter. Clearing out old or dangerous trees. Excellent!!
Debbie Lippitt
Wow, I will hire this company again in a heartbeat. They removed a 75′ grand fir that died in the back yard of one of our rentals in Tigard. Great guys fast, safe and efficient. I gave them a $50.00 tip to buy them lunch.
Tim Foley
Oregon City Hazard Tree Removal 
Travis and the crew were out yesterday and did a phenomenal job. Highly recommend this company for any tree removal or trimming project. They were very knowledgeable, professional and did a great job cleaning up.
Matthew White

Mcminville Oregon Tree Trimming

40+ "A" Reviews

I don’t normally review work that was done but Mt. View Tree service was exceptional . Originally when they came out to do the work I noticed afterwards that the Hawthorne wasn’t done to what I expected. I called and Jamos came out and agreed that things needed to be redone. He came with his crew. John, I think that was his name, did the work in the tree. Jamos directed and it was done absolutely to perfection. I can’t recommend them enough. Not only is their intergrity unmatchable but they are an incredibly friendly and skilled group of workers. Their price was also very reasonable to other tree services I contacted beforehand. Truly a great group doing superb work. I recommend them highly. Thanks.

Portland Oregon Tree Removal

It went wonderfully. The office staff were polite, knowledgable, informative; treated me as a person and not just a customer to gouge pricing on. The pricing was very reasonable. The crew was great as well; friendly, safe awareness, quick; they did a great job of cleaning up too. Very satisfied customer.

Salem Oregon Tree Removal

Mountain View’s Portland crew showed up as scheduled and did a great job, being sure not to let the limb damage anything when it came off. They were friendly and professional. They cleaned up the mess made from sawing and sectioning the limb. In fact, they left my yard cleaner than they found it — they blew all the spruce needles off the roof of my shed that had been collecting for a year. I have had other tree services do things in the past and was never happy, but I can’t say enough good things about Mountain View. I will definitely be using them for any future tree services.

Lake Oswego Tree Removal

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Hire a reliable tree service near you based in Salem Oregon & Portland Oregon.  We also proudly service all of the Willamette Valley

Do you have a tree growing dangerously close to your home or place of business in the Salem, Portland, Beaverton, Hillsburo, OR area or anywhere near me? Is your lawn littered with stumps? Does your backyard look like a jungle because of overgrown trees? It’s probably time to contact a tree service. You can count on the professional Salem Oregon Tree Service at Mountain View Tree Service  to find a safe and hassle-free solution to your tree problem.

Reach out today to consult an experienced tree service about your tree care needs.

When you think, what is a trustworthy Salem Oregon tree service near me, Mountain View tree service is ready to serve you.   When there’s a walnut, White Oak, Poplar, birch or diseased tree that’s bothering you at your property, we have certified and expert arborists that visit every job site to make sure that your work is done right.   We’re part of a community of tree services in Salem Oregon like Elwoods, Papendieck’s, R&R  Tree Service, JJtreeremoval and many other excellent tree care companies.  If you’re located in Portland, or even somewhere like Oregon City, or Mcminville, we have local arborists that are ready to get even the biggest problem trees with diseases and infections and rot  cut down and removed.  We know that when a branch or trunk breaks and puts a tree on your house that it’s necessary to bring out our best and biggest chainsaws, cranes and excavators to get the job done right.  Corvallis is another area we serve, and we have worked for commercial and government organizations doing logging and other large tree removals.